Medical City McKinney June 15, 2015

Medical City McKinney

McKinney and northern Collin County residents now have access to advanced trauma care in their community. Medical City McKinney is the first hospital in McKinney and northern Collin County to be designated as an Advanced (Level III) Trauma Center by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

As an Advanced Level III Trauma Center, Medical City McKinney has specialized, dedicated resources available to manage major and severe injuries.

“There is a significant need for advanced trauma care in McKinney and surrounding communities,” said Ernest Lynch, III, FACHE, CEO of Medical City McKinney. “Since embarking on the journey to become an advanced Level III trauma center more than a year ago, we’ve had over 500 trauma admissions.”

The designation process ensures that proper procedures, staffing and processes are in place to best care for the most serious injuries, from gunshot wounds to head injuries to complex fractures to automobile accidents. As part of this designation, trauma surgeons, as well as other physician specialists, are required to be available 24 hours a day.

“At Medical City McKinney we have the staff, training, supplies and equipment, as well as the policies and procedures to care for trauma patients as part of an ongoing commitment to improve outcomes for survival,” said Mathis Adams, MD, FACS, Medical City McKinney Trauma Medical Director.

Medical City McKinney has a comprehensive team of surgeons, specialists, nurses and staff members that receive specialized training in trauma care. The hospital partners with local EMS personnel to provide education in caring for trauma patients in the field.

Trauma facilities are required by the State of Texas to collect data for evaluation on an ongoing basis concerning trauma cases to improve outcomes and quality standards.