Medical City McKinney March 15, 2017

Medical City McKinney, formerly Medical Center of McKinney has earned the 2016 Unit of Distinction (UOD) Honorable Mention Award in an annual program that recognizes and rewards exemplary Medical-Surgical units at HCA facilities.

The “Unit of Distinction” designation is achieved through measurable, outstanding performance in nursing leadership, professional practice and operations and outcomes. During 2016, 472 HCA Med-Surg units participated in the program. Using 21 different criteria, units were scored to determine which would receive the 2016 Unit of Distinction honor, which puts them in the Top 5% of all HCA Medical-Surgical hospital units. In addition to the UOD recipients, 23 additional units achieved scores placing them in the Top 10% of all HCA Med-Surg units, earning each an “Honorable Mention” designation.

An important component of the program is company sponsorship of nurses to obtain national certification through programs accredited by the American Board of Nursing Specialties. This year, more than 600 HCA-affiliated nurses expanded their professional knowledge and advanced their individual and professional skills to earn certification.

 “The Unit of Distinction Award recognizes and celebrates excellence in medical-surgical nursing and acknowledges further that it takes a high-performing team of nurses, demonstrating a high level of commitment, to achieve these results,” said Jane D. Englebright, HCA Chief Nurse Executive and Senior Vice President.

“It is a great honor to be recognized among the elite top performing Med-Surg units across the enterprise,” said Carlene Headley-Obansa, RN, Medical City McKinney Director Inpatient Services. “Success was achieved through an exemplary collaboration between a dedicated and committed team, and leaders who inspired the team to achieve excellence.”

Launched in 2014, the Unit of Distinction Awards are an essential component of HCA’s multifaceted Excellence in Nursing plan.